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My humble beginning as a breeder starts with my first chocolate point female from Krissy at Pacific Coast Siam. Thank you for helping me with my dream.

Our next kitten that we added to our breeding program is a Lilac Point from Tresor Cats. Thank you Annabel for your knowledge and patience!

“I believe animals make humans better people”  and these Siamese and Balinese Cats and Kittens are my Passion!

My story begins with my very first kitten, believe it or not, I found in the gutter walking home from kindergarten. As I ran the rest of the way home and gave my mom the surprise of her life, a slimy, squiggly little not sure what…but it was mine and I loved it!!! I loved it before I knew it was a kitten.

Being an animal lover herself she allowed me to keep it. Sometime later it must have occurred to her that my asthma was aggravated by my kitten. Unfortunately as time went on my asthma and allergies got worse, we had to rehome him and I was heart broken.

As the years have passed we have raised chickens, ducks, dogs, lizards and ponies. Some where in between all the other fur and feathered family members we took in I found another kitten!! He was beautiful and I couldn’t resist those big blue eyes. I snuck him in to my room and hid him in the laundry basket. I would come home to find the room destroyed. That’s how he got the name “Chaos!”

Then the magic happened, I had to share the news with my mom, no asthma or allergies!!!

We spoke to a local veterinarian who confirmed that I owned a Siamese kitten and it was more than likely the reason my allergies were not irritated and they were considered hypoallergenic!

Chaos lived happily until he passed over the Rainbow Bridge.

Most recently I gifted a Siamese kitten to my niece, Kailyn, who lives with autism. The relationship between Kailyn and her kitten is magical.  Which has sparked my interest in using Siamese & Balinese Kittens as Therapy Animals. (We have a link on our Links Page with more information about Therapy Cats).

Not that you need another reason to love them even more, but this is awesome.

Breeding for temperament is our primary goal, and to be able to gift someone with a hypoallergenic kitten to give them the opportunity to snuggle with one of these amazing creatures is our mission.

Chaos Siamese Cat
Chaos was my first Siamese Cat and is forever immortalized in my kitchen tile!
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